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Review roundup: UNTIL THE FLOOD makes a profound impact

The Rep’s world premiere of Until the Flood has sparked conversations among theatre goers and critics alike.

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Watch the powerful trailer for UNTIL THE FLOOD

Eight characters. Eight voices. One city

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Review roundup: FOLLIES dazzles critics!

The Rep’s 50th Season opener Follies has blown away critics with its ambitious scope and knockout delivery.

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FOLLIES Song Spotlight: “Live, Laugh, Love”

Leading up to our season premiere of Stephen Sondheim’s Follies on September 9, we’re talking to members of our all-star cast about the show’s legendary songs and what they mean to them and their characters. 

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FOLLIES Song Spotlight: “Losing My Mind”

The score of Stephen Sondheim’s Follies plays like a greatest hits collection, treating listeners to a pristine revue of memorable and emotionally stirring songs. Sondheim nimbly skips between every genre and influence within the Great American Songbook, creating his own canon of showbiz standards in the process.

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Five Questions with Bob Trump

The Rep’s resident costuming wizard

The dire warning signs hang all over The Rep’s Costume Shop:

“Property of Bob Trump… DO NOT USE!”

“Hands off Bob’s thread!”

One sign features a photo of Bob himself: a lean, whiskered figure in an American flag bandana and biker leathers, glowering at the camera with a pair of razor sharp scissors held suggestively in his right hand.

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