The Lion in Winter, 2016

Follies, 2016

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, 2015

Costume and Prop Rentals

The costume and props stock of the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is available only to theatres, schools, and film and commercial productions. We do not offer individual rentals for parties or Halloween.

Your group can rent enough for your whole cast, or just those hard to find pieces. We offer a large selection of modern contemporary clothing, such as suits, dresses, and formal wear, as well as many period costumes from particular eras. We are especially strong in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. 

Our collection also features...

  • Asian and Oriental costumes: Kimono, Mandarin, dresses, tunic and pant, hats and accessories
  • Country and Western wear: shirts, pants, suits, dresses, hats
  • American Military Uniforms and accessories: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard
  • Wedding Gowns: vintage and modern
  • Religious and Ceremonial garments and accessories: priest, monk, Cardinal, Pope, choir
  • School, Service and Occupational uniforms and accessories : Police (modern and some vintage), security, medical, mechanic, Jail, Judge, waiter, Bellboy, marching band, cheerleaders
  • Overcoats, leather jackets, fur coats, capes, hats and more!
  • Full and Partial packages and specialty items from Evita, The Foreigner, Anything Goes, The Crucible, A Christmas Carol, Follies, Gypsy and others!

Prop rentals

For the first time in our 50-year history, the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis has opened up our 13,000-square-foot historic warehouse for rentals!  Our stock can be used for live theatre productions by theatre groups and schools, film and television productions, and displays and photography shoots. We offer a large and diverse stock of furniture, household goods, appliances, electronics, and decorative items. 

  • Furniture: tables, chairs, barstools, beds, sofas, chaise lounges, benches, thrones and more!
  • Retail and service items: salon fixtures/supplies, restaurant supplies, cash registers and display cabinets
  • Gadgets: televisions, telephones, radios, Victrolas, stereos, computers, typewriters, cameras
  • Set dressing: crates, barrels, rope, street lights, benches, trash cans, bikes, and more!
  • Kitchen: dishes, utensils, glasses, faux food, coffee and tea sets, canister sets, trays and décor items
  • Office/library: books, maps, pens and papers, scrolls, ledgers, stamps, ink pots, magazines
  • Appliances: vintage stoves, fridges, washing machines
  • Lighting: chandeliers, sconces, lanterns, candelabra, gas lighting, candlesticks
  • Floral/foliage: houseplants, floral displays, shrubs, floral stems and greenery and containers galore!
  • Travel: suitcases, trunks, makeup and wig cases, hat boxes, carts, backpacks, valises
  • Medical: beds, supplies, machines, linens, instruments
  • Novelties: oversized items, carousel horse, statuary, phone booth, toy models, musical instruments (non-working)
  • Soft goods: linens, blankets, curtains, pillows, and more

Email us at to arrange a tour today! Open by appointment only.

The advantages of working with The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis are:

  • If you are local, or within driving distance, you are welcome to set up an appointment to view our stock in person. Pulling can be done by your staff or ours (extra fees apply).
  • If your theatre is out of town, we can work via email and photos and are happy to ship costumes for fittings.
  • Our prices are flexible enough to work with any budget.
  • We can offer package prices, if costumes are available. For show availability, contact us directly.
  • Our expert staff has years of experience in Theatrical Costume Design and can help you achieve the perfect look that will make any director happy!

For more information, direct any questions to our Rentals Coordinator, at You may also leave a message at 314-664-8613 and we will return your call.