• Managing Director
    Danny Williams 

(learn more about Danny here)

  • Augustin Family Artistic Director
    Kate Bergstrom

(learn more about Kate here)


  • Associate Artistic Director 
    Becks Redman  -  Email

  • Artistic Associate
    Matthew Cox

Learning and Community Engagement

  • Learning Programs Manager
    Brian Coats  -  (314) 687-4083  /  Email

  • Teaching and Engagement Manager
    Britney Daniels  -  Email

  • Lace Program Assistant
    Claire Himstedt

  • Teaching Artist
    Brea Rollston
    Colin McLaughlin
    Michelle Dillard
    Zahria Moore
    Zellie Laury

General Management

  • General Manager
    Dan Schultz -   Email

  • Company Manager
    Michael Ward  -   Email

  • Management Assistant
    Alex Ray  -   Email

  • Attorney
    Sara Robertson, Polsinelli PC


  • Director of Development
    Stephanie Boyd - Email

  • Institutional Giving Manager
    Laurel Considine - Email

  • Development Manager
    Rob Kapeller - (314) 687-4031  /  Email

  • Manager of Partnerships and Events
    Bailey Pashia  -  Email

Marketing & Communications

  • Interim Marketing Director
    Angel Azzarra - Email

  • Public Relations
    Frances White

  • Digital Marketing Associate
    Ash Moon Thompson

  • Graphic Designer
    Delores Eddington

Finance & Administration

  • Senior Manager, Administration 
    Laura Wandersee  -  Email

  • Business Manager
    Suzanne Bodenstein  -   Email

  • Accounting Assistant
    Marsha Whitler

Audience Services

  • Director of Audience Services
    Ricki Marking-Camuto - Email

  • Box Office Manager
    Kristy Kannapell - Email

  • Assistant Box Office Manager
    Michael Dorn - Email
    Christian Hoffman - Email

  • Database Administrator
    Dan Ladd  -  (314) 687-4068  /  Email

  • Box Office Representatives
    Carl Wickman
    Carol Hodson
    Julie George


  • Assistant House Managers 
    Mo Moellering
    B. Young


  • Production Manager
    Jayson Lawshee

  • Stage Managers
    Emilee Buchheit
    Shannon B. Sturgis

  • Production Associate
    Taijha Silas


  • Technical Director
    Michael Strickland - Email

  • Associate Technical Director
    Emilie Weilbacher-McMullan  -  Email

  • Charge Scenic Artist
    Scott Loebl

  • Scenic Artists
    Stephen Polihan
    James Van Well

  • Scenic Shop Foreman
    Dave McCarthy

  • Scenic Carpenters
    Dan Roach, Jr.
    Danny McCarthy
    Scott DeBroux


  • Properties Manager
    Eric William Barnes

  • Props Assistant
    Abigail Stuckey

  • Props Carpenter
    Ralph Wilke


  • Costume Shop Manager
    Michele Siler

  • Assistant Costume Shop Manager
    Rachel Seabaugh

  • Head Draper
    Robert Trump

  • Draper
    Elizabeth Eisloeffel

  • First Hands
    Carissa Sexton
    Wes Wyman


  • Mainstage Head Electrician
    Connor Meers

  • Electrician
    Casey Morris III


  • Master Sound Engineer
    Joshua Riggs

  • Sound Engineer 
    Sean Wilhite


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Brian L. Clevinger, Ph.D. - President

Ann Cady Scott - Vice President

Susan Stith - Vice President

Judi Scissors - Secretary

Wendi Alper-Pressman - Treasurer

Ann Harris Straw - Vice President, Volunteers

Gwen M. Middeke - Immediate Past President

Board Members

Trish Alexandre 
Community Volunteer

Wendi Alper-Pressman
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

David Alpers 
Washington University

*Margaret Augustin
Community Volunteer

Patrick Aydt
Merrill Lynch

Lauren Smith Blair
U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

Jana Broadie
HR Executive (Retired)

*Brian Clevinger
Prolog Ventures

David Frey

*Frank Hamsher
Skyline Public Strategies LLC

Laurie Hiler 
CBG Enterprise

*Ven Houts
Ernst & Young

*Dan Jay
Christner Architects

Toni Jackson
Finance and HR Executive

John S. Kingston
Thompson Coburn

*Gwen Middeke
The Todd Organization of St. Louis

Amy Bantle Monshausen
Marketing Executive

Jane Robert
Community Volunteer

Julian Z. Schuster
Webster University

*Pat Schutte
Community Volunteer

*Judi Scissors
Community Volunteer

*Ann Cady Scott
Community Volunteer

*Susan Stith

Susan D. Tuteur
Community Volunteer

*denotes Executive Committee 


Volunteer board Executive Community

President: Trish Alexandre
Vice President: Lynn Yearwood
Treasurer: Carol Schreiner
Secretary:  Elizabeth Cobin
Immediate Past President: Ann Straw

Volunteer board members

Senior Members:
Susan Barley
Barbara Mennell

Trish Alexandre
Ann Bronsing
Elizabeth Cobin
Dorothy Diehl
Denise Eschenbrenner
Karen Fairbank
Glenda Hares
Vicki Helling
Laurie Hiler 
Marcia King
Margie Knapp
Linda Lowry
Karen Miller
Shirley Raitzsch 
Rocky Rosen
Helen Sandifer
Cindy Schnabel
Carol Schreiner
Ann Straw
Linda Vandivort
Lynn Yearwood