Tunes in the time of COVID: Rep artists perform online

Monday | Mar. 23, 2020

In an era of uncertainty, anxiety and social distancing, shared art experiences feel more important than ever. Luckily, many theatre artists never stop creating – even while under quarantine.

Here at The Rep, we've been especially inspired to see several of our recent onstage collaborators posting musical and dance performances on their social media feeds. These intimate songs and routines are stirring reminders that creative expression can flourish even in tough times – and that none of us are ever truly alone, even in isolation.

We've compiled a playlist of performances from recent Rep artists for your enjoyment. We hope these songs bring you entertainment and encouragement as we all ride out this chaotic moment together.

We'll continue updating this collection with more performances as they appear!

Jennie Greenberry (Pride and Prejudice, 2019) performs "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret:

Stephen Michael Spencer (Pride and Prejudice, 2019) performs "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor:


This one is for @katiepax - #quarantinecovers

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Katie Kleiger (Pride and Prejudice, 2019) performs an original song, "Oxygen," with a band of collaborators:


On Monday I wrote a song. On Tuesday 6 of my friends had 2 hours each to record one new musical part onto it. On Wednesday 5 more of my friends added on. On Thursday it was edited & mixed. On Friday a music video was made. Today, we dance. Music & Lyrics, guitar, mandolin, vocals: @kleego Guitar: @stephen_spencer Vocals: @rachelgoldcreative @brunterhown @shay_guthrie_ @michael.fell.over @yianniyianniyianni @arusi.santi Drums: @mik3tb Piano: @tarahalpern Electric: @mikko_dumadag Sound Engineer: @dowellgandy Video Editor: @davidrossmullins I cannot thank everyone involved enough. These are scary times, and you all helped me smile more times than not this week.

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Benjamin Jephta (Dreaming Zenzile, 2020) performs a composition on piano:

Esteban Andres Cruz (The Mystery of Irma Vep, 2020) provides a musical demonstration in handwashing:


Everybody Cleanse! Doo do Doo do Wash yo Hands! Wash yo Hands!

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Mariana Parma (Tango Consultant for Evita, 2018) performs a dance routine to Danay Suárez's "Yo Aprendí":

Rachael Logue (The Wolves, 2019) performs Brandi Carlile's "That Wasn't Me":

Lauren Marcus (The Humans, 2018) performs an original, satirical song alongside Rob Rokicki:


Listen. WHAT a time. Thought we’d bring a moment of kindness and levity to what is undeniably a difficult moment for many. Here is a mini song @rrokicks and I wrote during what should’ve been a rehearsal for a concert that is now postponed. We realize we’re lucky to be able to have our health and a few moments together to write it, and our hearts are going out to everyone directly affected by the illness right now. Please ENJOY, know we’re here for you, and come find us in a few weeks for 🍸 s, okay? It’s a rough time In the city, in the country, on the planet And our sani- tizer’s running low And I get it, I get it We’re all prob’ly gonna get it So I thought I’d let you know: You gotta do what you gotta do Spray what you gotta spray Whatever’s gonna get you through This shitty hellscape is okay I’ll see you in a couple weeks Like three or maybe more And maybe they’ll rehire us After this damn virus scare is done for sure And I’ll be buying you some drinks Because this situation stinks Cause that’s what friends are for!

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Michael Williams (Follies, 2016) covers Tom Waits' "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" alongside Paul Urriola: