The cast of The Wolves. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Keaton Whittaker and Rachael Logue. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Colleen Dougherty. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Rachael Logue and Maya Christian. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Rachael Logue. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Mary Katharine Harris. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Esmeralda Garza and Mary Katharine Harris. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Cecily Dowd. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

Cassandra Lopez. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

CeCe Hill. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

The Wolves

by Sarah DeLappe |
Directed by Melissa Rain Anderson

Nine teenage girls prepare for battle on a soccer field. As they stretch and warm up together, the teammates’ nonstop banter reveals how a collection of disparate personalities bonds to form a team. With its engrossing flow of dialogue and authentic characters, DeLappe’s acclaimed new play distills the raw passion, confusion and wonder of adolescence into exhilarating theatre.

Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes, performed with no intermission.

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Cast & Creative Staff


  • Esmeralda Garza (#00)
  • Cecily Dowd (#2)
  • Keaton Whittaker (#7)
  • Colleen Dougherty (#8)
  • CeCe Hill (#11)
  • Maya Christian (#13)
  • Cassandra Lopez (#14)
  • Rachael Logue (#25)
  • Mary Katharine Harris (#46)
  • Nancy Bell (Soccer Mom)


  • Director: Melissa Rain Anderson
  • Scenic Designer: James Wolk
  • Costume Designer: Marci Franklin
  • Lighting Designer: John Wylie
  • Sound Designer: Rusty Wandall
  • Stage Manager: Shannon B. Sturgis

Age Recommendations

The Wolves is recommended for adult and teenage audiences. The show contains strong adult language and adolescent discussions about topics including sex, politics and abortion.