Henry IV, Part I

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Martin L. Platt

February 06 - March 08 , 1991

1990-1991 Mainstage Season

The Story

The ageless story of hot-blooded youth in rebellion against parental authority. This is the compelling saga of the rise of Hal from carousing prince to worthy heir apparent and his ambitious rival, Hotspur. Shakespeare introduces the roguish Falstaff and his motley accomplices in this play of intrigue, poetry, humor, jealousy and war.

Creative & Production Staff

Fight Choreographer: David Harum
Scenic Designer: John Ezell
Costume Designer: Alan Armstrong
Lighting Designer: Peter Maradudin
Stage Manager: Glenn Dunn
Assistant Stage Manager: Julia P. Jones


John Henry Cox (Henry Bolingbroke, King Henry IV)
David Harum (Henry, Prince of Wales)
Eric M. Cole (Prince John)
Robert Browning (Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmoreland/Sheriff)
Donald Christopher (Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland)
Steven Gefroh (Henry Percy, Hotspur)
Leah Maddrie (Lady Percy)
Ian Stuart (Thomas Percy)
Alan Clarey (Sir Richard Vernon/Gadshill)
Ian Christopher (Hotspur's Servant)
Donald Christopher (Richard Scoop, Archbishop of York)
William Metzo (Sir Walter Blunt)
Keith Jochim (Sir John Falstaff)
David Heuvelman (Ned Poins/Sir Michael)
Jodie Lynne McClintock (Mistress Quickly)
Ian Trigger (Bardolph)
Roldan Lopez (Peto)
Nathaniel Sanders (Francis)
Christopher Reilly (Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March)
A.D. Cover (Owen Glendower)
Jennifer Holmes (Lady Mortimer)
Lachlan Macleay (Archibald, Earl of Douglas)

Travelers, Soldiers, Tavern Men: Ian Christopher, Bill Church, Christopher Geiger, Chad Harris, Roldan Lopez, Danny McCarthy, Randle Roper, Nathaniel Sanders

Tavern Ladies: Jana Ellis, Jennifer Holmes, Sara Zahendra