A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by William Shakespeare
Music by Barry G. Funderburg
Directed by Paul Mason Barnes

October 15 - November 09 , 2014

2014-2015 Mainstage Season

The Story

Magic, merriment and romance all unite in one of Shakespeare’s most beloved and imaginative comedies. Starry-eyed lovers escape to an enchanted forest full of lust and bewitchment, where mischievous fairies play tricks, bumbling actors rehearse for a love-play and couples pursue one another, all under the light of the moon.

Design & Production Staff

Choreographer: Matt Williams
Scenic Designer: James Kronzer
Costume Designer: Susan Branch Towne
Lighting Designer: Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz
Sound Designer: Barry G. Funderburg
Stage Manager: Champe Leary
Assistant Stage Manager: Tony Dearing
Casting: Rich Cole

Credited Cast

Caroline Amos (Hermia)
Landon Tate Boyle (Guard)
Michael Jean Dozier (Snug and Moth)
Ian Erbe (Guard)
Alex Godiner (Changeling Child)
Carl Howell (Francis Flute and Peasblossom)
Ryan Alexander Jacobs (Thistlebough)
Alvin Keith (Theseus and Oberon)
Adam Lendermon (Robin Starveling and Mustardseed)
Matt Luyber (Guard)
Kern McFadden (Tom Snout and Cobweb)
Gracyn Mix (Helena)
Jeffrey Omura (Lysander)
Jim Poulos (Philostrate and Robin Goodfellow/Puck)
Michael James Reed (Nick Bottom)
Andy Rindlisbach (Demetrius)
Ben Stroman (Guard)
Jerry Vogel (Egeus)
Bob Walton (Peter Quince)
Rebecca Watson (Hippolyta and Titania)

St. Louis Theater Circle Awards

Outstanding Director of a Comedy (Paul Mason Barnes)
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy (Michael James Reed)
Outstanding Costume Design in a Play (Susan Branch Towne)
Outstanding Lighting Design in a Play (Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz)
Outstanding Sound Design in a Play (Barry G. Funderburg)