by Christopher Chen |
Directed by Seth Gordon

  • March 07 , 2018 / Wednesday 7:00PM On Sale Soon
  • March 08 , 2018 / Thursday 8:00PM On Sale Soon
  • March 09 , 2018 / Friday 8:00PM On Sale Soon
  • March 10 , 2018 / Saturday 4:00PM On Sale Soon
  • March 11 , 2018 / Sunday 2:00PM On Sale Soon

In the era of “fake news,” Caught creates a bracingly unique experience that will keep you wondering what’s real and what’s theatre. An art exhibition by a Chinese dissident is the first phase of a multi-layered puzzle, which presents the audience with an ever-changing set of rules. Chen’s piece deftly examines the blurred lines between truth and artifice, both in the theatre and in life. 

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