by Joshua Harmon |
Directed by Steven Woolf

Prep school admissions director Sherri Rosen-Mason lives according to staunchly progressive values. Her daily battles include diversifying both the school’s student body and the photos in its brochures. But when her teenage son claims those same values have denied him opportunities as a white student, it creates an explosive conflict that exposes their family’s hypocrisies and privileges. This biting play’s acidic humor goes straight for the throat.

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Henny Russell. Photo by Patrick Lanham.

Thom Niemann. Photo by Patrick Lanham.

R. Ward Duffy. Photo by Patrick Lanham.

Cast & Creative Staff


  • Henny Russell (Sherri Rosen-Mason)
  • Thom Niemann (Charlie Luther Mason)
  • R. Ward Duffy (Bill Mason)
  • Barbara Kingsley (Roberta)
  • Kate Udall (Ginnie Peters)


  • Director: Steven Woolf
  • Scenic Designer: Bill Clarke
  • Costume Designer: Lou Bird
  • Lighting Designer: Nathan Scheuer
  • Sound Designer: Rusty Wandall
  • Stage Manager: Shannon B. Sturgis

Age Recommendations

Admissions is recommended for adult and teenage audiences. The show contains adult language and discussions about race, politics, diversity and other mature topics.