First Time Visitor Guide

Welcome, we're excited to have you join us! If this is your first time at The Rep in a while or ever, we invite you to learn more about how to prepare for your visit.

Let's get started:

What should I wear to the theatre?

We ask that you cover all vital parts on the top and bottom, but whatever you feel most comfortable in is welcome. 

Want a wear a ballgown or tux? Great! Rather wear shorts, a t-shirt and sandals? All good. 

Come as you are, all are welcome. 

Can I take pictures or videos during the performance?

Before you come in, sure! Snap all the pictures and videos you’d like outside of the theatre.

And after, keep ‘em coming and even feel free to leave us a review (and be sure to tag us on social media @repstl)!

But during, out of respect for our hard-working actors, we ask everyone to silence and turn off (or put away) your phone during the performance.

I’m a laugher (sometimes a crier) is that okay?

Yes, please! We want you to feel all the feels. Live theatre is all about sharing those emotional highs and lows with each other. 

We do ask that you refrain from side conversations during the performance out of respect for our hardworking artists on stage and your neighbors. 


Is The Rep an inclusive environment?

We are! Part of our mission is focused on welcoming everyone into our family and we don’t tolerate discrimination. 

If you feel uncomfortable, please report it immediately to House Management who will be available before, during and after all performances. 

My rabbit loves theatre, can they come too?

Certified service animals are always welcome. But our pets would never forgive us if we let you bring Bunny B (your rabbit) along, so please keep him/her/they safe at home. 


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