By Lynn Nottage

  • February 05 , 2025 / Wednesday 7:00PM - First Look On Sale Soon
  • February 06 , 2025 / Thursday 7:00PM - First Look On Sale Soon
  • February 07 , 2025 / Friday 7:00PM - Opening Night On Sale Soon
  • February 08 , 2025 / Saturday 4:00PM On Sale Soon
  • February 09 , 2025 / Sunday 2:00PM On Sale Soon

From two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage comes the Tony-nominated-play, Clyde’s. In a small run-down sandwich joint, ex-cons endure Clyde’s fiery critiques and a scorching kitchen. Yet, when a mystic chef throws down the gauntlet—craft the ultimate sandwich—the team ignites with newfound zeal. Fueled by this savory challenge, they transform their past into a recipe for triumphant fresh starts. Join this spirited culinary quest where second chances are as vibrant as the flavors sizzling in the pan! 

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Content Transparency

This production of Clyde’s uses herbal cigarettes and atmospheric scents, including natural and synthetic fragrance oils released through diffusers and live food preparation on the premises.

Clyde’s is a comedy set in a workplace that contains strong language, mature themes, and depictions of violence.