What we expect of our community:

Our rules & guidelines are established for safety and enjoyment for all persons - cast, crew, staff & audience alike, together. We empower everyone to join us in the collective responsibility of creating and maintaining this environment.

Everyone deserves respect and dignity.

  • We co-create environments of welcoming & safe participation by refusing the use hate speech, bullying, discrimination or abuse based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, body identity, religion, disability, or disease.
  • We encourage our audience to respond authentically to the show! We join & celebrate with others around us when they also express responses authentically.

Everyone deserves safe environments.

  • We co-create environments where everyone is and feels comfortable to voice ideas, maintain body autonomy and be their authentic self. We refrain from infringing upon others' personal space, including mobility aids. We also refrain from interfering with the safety of theatre cast, crew, props, equipment and House staff.
  • If you are experiencing or witnessing a situation in which you or a community member requires additional support, please find the nearest House staff member, we are always ready to support you..

Everyone benefits from collective learning.

  • We embrace the potential of collective learning and thoughtful exchange. We value curiosity and acknowledge different experiences & expertise. We bring compassion & grace to our discourse & exchanges.
  • We acknowledge that intent doesn’t outweigh impact. We accept that mistakes are opportunities for personal & collective growth. We take personal accountability for the impact of our mistakes and we extend consideration to each other as we stumble and grow.