Dial "M" for Murder

By Frederick Knott

  • September 18 , 2024 / Wednesday 7:00PM First Look Buy Tickets
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  • September 20 , 2024 / Friday 7:00PM Opening Night Buy Tickets
  • September 21 , 2024 / Saturday 4:00PM Buy Tickets
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Step into the shadows of a meticulously planned murder. In the elegant home of Tony and Margot Wendice, a sinister game of cat and mouse unfolds. Tony, a calculating mastermind, plots to kill his wife for her inheritance, fueled by revenge and greed. When his perfect plan spirals into chaos, a web of lies and deceit is spun, threatening to ensnare the innocent. Join the relentless Inspector Hubbard as he unravels the twisted truth. Will Tony’s trap hold, or will justice be served? Experience the suspense and intrigue of Dial “M” for Murder, a play that will leave you breathless until the final curtain falls. 

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Content Transparency

This production contains mild language and moments of choreographed violence, use of strobe lights, haze/fog, and the use of electronic/herbal cigarette smoke.