Thank you for choosing Camp Rep! We're excited to learn more about you and your camper! 

Camp Rep registration takes 15-20 minutes, but we aim for a simplified process. Check below for details to make it easier.

  1. Complete the camp registration form below. You will only need to complete one form per family for up to 4 campers. To register additional campers after four, please submit a second form. 
  2. Complete the payment plan form. To ensure a smooth camp experience, please complete the payment plan submission form, even if applying for a scholarship. Note: The $50 deposit is separate and required at the end of this process to secure your spot.
  3. Pay a non-refundable $50 deposit per camper. Once you submit your forms, you'll be directed to pay the deposit on a landing page. Select the number of campers at checkout for full payment. For multiple sessions, check the payment page details.

You have successfully secured your spot at Camp Rep once all these steps are completed. If additional assistance is needed, please get in touch with us at

Let's get registered for Camp Rep!