Imaginary Theatre Company

The Imaginary Theatre Company (ITC) focuses on theatre for young people and their families. Through the use of literature, folk tales, fairy tales and new adaptations of classic works– ITC is committed to bringing the very finest in theatre to youth where they live and learn.

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This year we are excited to bring you a beloved adaptation of a classic children's fairytale - with themes of friendship, bravery, adventure, and whimsy that is perfect for pre-kindergarten to 3rd-grade students.

Puss in Boots has an estimated runtime of 45 minutes with an optional Q&A.


Recommended for Pre-K to 3rd Grade

Everyone’s favorite feline fable is here to charm and entertain!

Book and Lyrics by Jennifer Cameron Roberts
Music by Nathan A. Roberts

Everyone’s favorite feline fable is here to charm and beguile! The miller’s son is not finding life easy, with barely a penny to his name and no inheritance from his father, save for a useless cat and a pair of too-small boots. But this cat hides a secret: She can talk! And sing! And she has a plan to take them from the poor house to a princely castle. But how long can this extraordinary kitty keep up the ruse before the cat is out of the bag? Bring the whole family and share the legend of Puss in Boots.


ITC performances begin at $475. Pricing is dependent on distance traveled, number of performances booked and length of visit. Up to 2 performances can be booked in a single day.

Performances can take place in any space large enough to accommodate playing space for the company and a seated audience. Gymnasiums and cafeterias are typical. However, ITC must have exclusive use of the space in order to set up, perform and strike the set. The visit can last 2.5-3 hours total for a single performance. A full list of Technical Requirements will be sent once you begin the booking process.