The Immigrant: A Hamilton County Album

By Mark Harelik
Conceived by Mark Harelik and Randal Myler
Directed by Susan Gregg

January 06 - February 05 , 1988

1987-1988 Mainstage Season

The Story

The true story of a Jewish immigrant in Galveston, Texas, circa 1910, a play that has sold out theatres across the country. Deeply-felt human experience is revealed through humor and the conflict of cultural differences. The theatre will glow with the warmth of this uniquely American drama.

Creative & Production Staff

Scenic Designer: John Carver Sullivan
Costume Designer: John Carver Sullivan
Lighting Designer: Dale F. Jordan
Stage Manager: T.R. Martin
Assistant Stage Manager: Patrick Siler


Andrew Hill Newman (Haskell Harelik)
Glynis Bell (Ima Perry)
Tony Hoty (Milton Perry)
Devora Millman (Leah Harelik)

Sponsorship & Support

Touche & Ross Co. Guest Artist: Andrew Hill Newman