The 1940s Radio Hour

By Walton Jones
Directed by John Going

November 28 - December 28 , 1984

1984-1985 Mainstage Season

Creative & Production Staff

Musical Director: Byron Grant
Choreographer: David Holdgrive
Scenic Designer: John Roslevich Jr.
Costume Designer: Dorothy Marshall Englis [credited as "Dorothy L. Marshall"]
Lighting Designer: Peter E. Sargent
Stage Manager: Glenn Dunn
Assistant Stage Manager: Belton Delinger


Stan Early (Pops Bailey)
Steve Chambers (Stanley)
Robert Sevra (Clifton A. Feddington)
Byron Grant (Zoot Doubleman)
Robert Dorn (Wally Fergusson)
Tony Hoty (Lou Cohn)
Stephen Berger (Johnny Cantone)
Dorothy Stanley (Ginger Brooks)
Christa Germanson (Connie Miller)
Jim Walton (B.J. Gibson)
G. Wayne Hoffman (Neal Tilden)
Alison Bevan (Ann Collier)
Gail Grate (Geneva Lee Browne)
Tony Hoylen (Biff Baker)


Byron Grant (as Zoot Doubleman, Keyboards)
Dave Engelke (as Ned "Woof" Bennett, Bass)
John Brophy (as Neeley "Flap" Kovacs, Drums)
Michael Buerk (as Charlie "Kid Lips" Snyder, Reeds)
Alfred Mazzocchio (as Toots Schoenfeld, Reeds)
Paul De Marinis (as Fritz Canigliaro, Reeds)
Robert Ceccarini (as Pieface Minelli, Trumpet)
Tony Hoylen (as Biff Baker, Trumpet)
Robert Tobler (as Scoops Millikin, Trombone)

Additional Credits

Rehearsal Pianist: Diane Ceccarini
Assistants to the Lighting Designer: Paul Johnson, Steve Marquette
Production Assistant: Melissa Schall