Saint Joan

By George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Paul Mason Barnes

January 07 - February 01 , 2009

2008-2009 Mainstage Season

The Story

A simple country girl who claims to hear divine voices and appears to produce miracles with ease declares her holy mission to drive the English from 15th century France and to crown the reluctant Dauphin as king. With staggering confidence and unshakable faith, she wages a battle that threatens the very fabric of society and the church, for which she will pay with her life. Shaw’s masterpiece of provocative political thinking is witty, tempestuous and potently dramatic.

Creative & Production Staff

Scenic Designer: Robert Mark Morgan
Costume Designer: Dorothy Marshall Englis
Lighting Designer: Peter Sargent
Sound Designer: Rusty Wandall
Stage Manager: T.R. Martin
Assistant Stage Manager: Tony Dearing
Casting: Rich Cole


Jerry Vogel (Squire Robert de Baudricourt/Canon D'estivet, Promoter)
Brian White (Steward to de Baudricourt/A Gentleman from the Vatican)
Tarah Flanagan (Joan)
Matt D'Amico (Bertrand de Poulengey/Brother Martin Ladvenu, Assessor)
James Anthony (Archbishop of Rheims)
Stephen Paul Johnson (Lord Chamberlain, Duc de la Trémouille/Canon Courcelles, Assessor)
Greg Fink (Court Page)
Keith Merrill (Gilles de Rais [Bluebeard]/Executioner)
Jason Cannon (Captain La Hire/English Soldier)
Bobby Steggert (Charles, the Dauphin)
Kevin Orton (Jack Dunois, Bastard of Orleans)
Ian Way (Page to Dunois)
John Rensenhouse (Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick)
Christopher Gerson (Chaplain John de Stogumber)
Andrew Stroud (Page to Warwick)
Tuck Milligan (Peter Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais)
Jonathan Gillard Daly (Brother John Lemaitre, Inquisitor)

Pages, Monks, Soldiers, Courtiers: Jonathan Gillard Daly, Matt D'Amico, Jerry Vogel, Sam Hay, Tyler Beveridge, Greg Fink, Ian Way, Brian White

Additional Credits

Assistant Director & Research Associate: Shelley Carter
Production Assistant: Lauren Smith
Assistant Lighting Designer: Alex Snodgrass
Assistant Sound Designer: Amanda Werre
Stitchers: Heather Bohrer, Jude Bonnot, Vera Campbell, Lisa Drewel, Russ Kohn, John Metzner, Laura Meyer, Jeff Wunrow
Drapers: Lou Bird, Garth Dunbar, Bruk Longbottom, Nancy Seibert Williamson
Crafts: Cynda Galkin, Anne Stirnemann
Special Research Advisor: Father Gary Seibert

Sponsorship & Support

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