Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Philip Kerr

February 03 - March 05 , 1982

1981-1982 Mainstage Season

Creative & Production Staff

Fight Choreographer: Skip Foster
Scenic Designer: Carolyn L. Ross
Costume Designer: Dorothy Marshall Englis [credited as "Dorothy L. Marshall"]
Lighting Designer: Peter E. Sargent
Stage Manager: Glenn Dunn


Philip Kerr (Escalus)
Jerry Allen Jones (Paris)
John Christopher Jones (Mercutio)
James Paul (Capulet)
Laurinda Barrett (Lady Capulet)
Kitty Winn (Juliet)
Skip Foster (Tybalt)
June Gibbons (Nurse)
Randy Kleffner (Sampson)
Anthony J. DeStefanis (Gregory)
Wayne Saloman (Peter)
Joneal Joplin (Montague)
Sarah-Jane Gwillim (Lady Montague)
David Gwillim (Romeo)
Gary Roberts (Benvolio)
Gray Stephens (Abram)
Gary Glasgow (Balthazar)
Jack Gwillim (Friar Laurence)
Doyle Reyonds (Friar John)
Gerald J. Quimby (An Officer of the Watch)
David Whitehead (An Apothecary of Mantua)

Citizens of Verona, Guards, Maskers, Guests: Aaron Bass, Ron Bommer, Rhea Ann Cook, Amy Caton-Ford, Christa Germanson, Maggie Lerian, Jeff Lewis, Doyle Reynolds, Mary Beth Russo, David Whitehead

Sponsorship & Support

David Gwillim and Kitty Winn performed as The Shopmaker Guest Actor and Actress.