By Fay and Michael Kanin
Directed by Louis Criss

July 08 - August 19 , 1967

1967-1968 Mainstage Season

Creative & Production Staff

Fight Choreographer: Tajomaru
Scenic Designer: John Wright Stevens
Costume Designer: Vita
Lighting Designer: Peter E. Sargent
Stage Manager: Frank Schmitt
Assistant Stage Manager: Michael Judson, Sara Garrity


Madelyn Cain (Sound Assistant)
J. Kevin Hanlon (Stage Assistant)
Bruce Haddon Brown (Stage Assistant)
Stephanie Stoyanoff (Stage Assistant/Soothsayer)
Tracy Vonder Haar (Stage Assistant)
Robert Moberly (Reader: Young Priest)
J. Robert Dietz (Reader: Woodcutter)
Dermot McNamara (Reader: Wigmaker)
Gerald Simon (Deputy)
Anthony Ponzini (Bandit)
Robert Murch (Husband)
Elizabeth Farley (Wife)
Lillian Evans (Mother)

Production Notes

Rashomon was performed in repertory with The Hostage and A Streetcar Named Desire. Performances of Rashomon were given on July 8, 13, 14, 16, 19, 22, 27; and August 16, 19.