Miss Evers’ Boys

By David Feldshuh
Directed by Libby Appel

January 01 - 31 , 1992

1991-1992 Mainstage Season

The Story

The true and shocking story of a government study that took place between 1930 and 1968. A group of black men with a contagious disease were denied medical treatment by their doctors. Was science served and ethics tossed away in the name of progress? A compelling and arresting play with strong implications for our time.

Creative & Production Staff

Choreographer: Doris J. Bennett-Glasper (credited as "Movement and Music Coach")
Scenic Designer: Joel Fontaine
Costume Designer: Arthur Ridley
Lighting Designer: Robert Peterson
Stage Manager: T.R. Martin
Assistant Stage Manager: David S. Stewart


Leah Maddrie (Eunice Evers)
Roy R. Wilson (Willie Johnson)
Tyrone Wilson (Caleb Humphries)
Fracaswell Hyman (Hodman Bryan)
William Hall Jr. (Ben Washington)
Jim Abele (Dr. John Douglas)
Ron Himes (Dr. Eugene Brodus)