Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

Adapted by Eric Blau and Mort Schuman
Based on Brel's lyrics and commentary Music by Jacques Brel
Lyrics by Jacques Brel
English lyrics by Eric Blau and Mort Schuman
Directed by Moni Yakim

November 02 - 28 , 1970

1969-1970 Mainstage Season

Creative & Production Staff

Musical Director: Mort Schuman
Orchestrator/Arranger: Wolfgang Knittel
Scenic Designer: Les Lawrence
Lighting Designer: David Shaver
Stage Manager: David Shaver


Stan Porter
Joy Franz
Ron Shayne
Fran Uditsky
Jack Eddleman
Jabie Abercrombie


Music conducted by Colin Beaton

Additional Credits

Supervised by Eric Blau