How I Learned to Drive

By Paula Vogel
Directed by Charles Towers

January 20 - February 07 , 1999

1998-1999 Studio Season

The Story

Beneath the gentleness of this remarkable play lurks a devastating secret. Using the clinical language of a driver’s manual to comic effect, the play examines the relationship between a young girl and her charming uncle who is teaching her to drive, and follows Li’l Bit as she learns to steer her way through the slippery terrain of her sexual awakening. Winner of the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Creative & Production Staff

Scenic Designer: Bill Clarke
Costume Designer: J. Bruce Summers
Lighting Designer: Jackie Manassee
Stage Manager: Champe Leary
Casting: Rich Cole


Seana McKenna (Li'l Bit)
Tom Stechschulte (Peck)
Richard Elmore (Male Greek Chorus, Big Papa and Others)
Raye Lankford (Female Greek Chorus, Mother and Others)
Karen Garvey (Teenage Greek Chorus, Grandma and Others)