Dog Logic

By Thomas Strelich
Directed by Steven Woolf

January 17 - February 04 , 1990

1989-1990 Studio Season

The Story

A garage full of televisions, lava lamps and other icons of the late 20th century is the battleground for a family struggle. The high stakes game of California real esate pits family members against each other, as a son tries to perserve his father’s grave in a pet cemetery. These conflicts underlie the humor in this funny and disturbing urban drama.

Creative & Production Staff

Scenic Designer: Jim Burwinkel
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Eisloeffel
Lighting Designer: Mark Wilson
Stage Manager: Champe Leary


James Andreassi (Hertel)
Paul DeBoy (Dale)
Susie Wall (Kaye)
Darrie Lawrence (Anita)

Sponsorship & Support

Corporate Sponsor: AT&T