Adapted by Hugh Wheeler
From Voltaire
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Richard Wilbur
Additional lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and John Latouche
Directed by Munson Hicks

September 07 - October 07 , 1988

1988-1989 Mainstage Season

The Story

The award-winning musical developed by the shining lights of American musical theatre. Sophisticated and joyful music will lead off the season with this comic approach to Voltaire’s classic novel of the same name. A clever and witty book is coupled with a tuneful score, and a journey through a world of fantastical events for the characters and the audience.

Creative & Production Staff

Musical Director: Byron Grant
Choreographer: Terry Rieser
Scenic Designer: John Falabella
Costume Designer: Dorothy Marshall Englis [credited as "Dorothy L. Marshall"]
Lighting Designer: Peter E. Sargent
Stage Manager: T.R. Martin
Assistant Stage Manager: Steve Marquette


Fred Applegate (Voltaire, Pangloss, Governor, Host)
James Mellon (Candide)
Gary Lindemann (Huntsman, Bulgarian Soldier, Agent of the Inquisition, Sailor, Monk, Pygmy)
Mary Lou Schriber (Paquette)
Paula Sweeney (Baroness, Aristocrat, Monk, Houri)
Joe Palmieri (Baron, Grand Inquisitor, Slave Driver, Sailor, Monk)
Marcy DeGonge (Cunegonde)
Michael Alan Gregory (Maximillian)
Lawrence Patrick (Maximillian's Servant, Bulgarian Soldier, Agent of the Inquisition, Spanish Don, Pirate, Monk)
Kevin Bailey (Bulgarian Recruiter, Rich Jew, Aristocrat, Man in Black, Pirate, Monk)
Charlie Serrano (Bulgarian Recruiter, Aristocrat, Spanish Don, Sailor, Monk, Lion)
Susan Secunda (Aristocrat, Monk, German Botanist, Houri)
Arline Williams (Aristocrat, Monk, Sheep)
Kirby Wahl (Aristocrat, Spanish Don, Father Bernard, Pirate, Monk)
Marjie Carr-Oxley (Aristocrat, Monk, Sheep)
Mary Stout (Old Lady)


Ronald Vince (Violin/Concertmaster)
Michael Buerk (Reed 1)
Alfred Mazzocchio (Reed 2)
Paul Garritson (Reed 3)
Bob Ceccarini (Principal Trumpet/Flugelhorn)
John Hahn (Trumpet 2/Flugelhorn)
Robert Tobler (Trombone)
David Engleke (Bass)
John Brophy (Percussion)
Diane Ceccarini (Keyboard/Synthesizer)
Byron Grant (Conductor)

Sponsorship & Support

Exclusive Corporate Sponsor: Monsanto Fund