The Rep's Volunteer Board

The Volunteer Board (The VB) is a volunteer organization whose main purpose is to support the mission of The Repertory Theatre as an outstanding and valuable asset to the greater St. Louis community. 

Back L-R Ann Bronsing, Secretary and Carol Schreiner, Treasurer Front L-R Trish Alenandre, Vice President and Ann Straw, President.png

Through the leadership of the Volunteer Board, volunteers ensure that The Rep remains a vital cultural resource in our community by donating their time, talents and skills throughout all facets of the organization. Volunteers have played an essential role throughout our history, making us one of the leading regional theatres in the country. 

We are a proud member organization of CAVORT (Conference About Volunteers Of Regional Theatre).

If you love theatre and have the desire to be a part of the Rep as a volunteer, fill out our volunteer form.

2022-2023 Season Volunteer Board

President: Ann Straw
Vice President: Trish Alexandre
Secretary: Ann Bronsing
Treasurer: Cindy Schnabel
Immediate Past President: Laurie Hiler

Senior Members:
Susan Barley
Barbara Mennell

Trish Alexandre
Ann Bronsing
Elizabeth Cobin
Dorothy Diehl
Denise Eschenbrenner
Karen Fairbank
Glenda Hares
Vicki Helling
Laurie Hiler 
Marcia King
Margie Knapp
Linda Lowry
Karen Miller
Shirley Raitzsch 
Rocky Rosen
Helen Sandifer
Cindy Schnabel
Carol Schreiner
Ann Straw
Linda Vandivort
Lynn Yearwood