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Bring home the magic and fun of our Imaginary Theatre Company with a dual Streaming OnDemand (SVOD) opportunity. By purchasing this double feature you'll get access to watch the Tomás and the Library Lady and Puss in Boots anytime from March 1 through April 15. 

Looking for more interactive activities? Select our digital curriculum package at checkout for access to behind-the-scenes Q&As with the cast, study guides and more. 

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Digital Playbill

Learn About Puss in Boots

Everyone’s favorite feline fable is here to charm and beguile! The miller’s son is not finding life easy, with barely a penny to his name and no inheritance from his father, save for a useless cat and a pair of too-small boots. But this cat hides a secret: She can talk! And sing! And she has a plan to take them from the poorhouse to a princely castle. But how long can this extraordinary kitty keep up the ruse before the cat is out of the bag? Bring the whole family and share the legend of Puss in Boots!

Learn About Tomás and the Library Lady

Dive into a fantastical world of books in this celebratory true story. As Tomás’ family heads north to Iowa for work, they find fewer and fewer people who speak their native Spanish language. Looking for a place to fit in, Tomás finds a new passion when he befriends a librarian who introduces him to the magical world of books. This enchanting story adventures through the pages of towering dinosaurs and ferocious tigers, igniting Tomás’ imagination and bringing the audience along for the ride.

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