House of Joy

by Madhuri Shekar

  • March 18 , 2022 / Friday 8:00PM (Preview) Buy Tickets
  • March 19 , 2022 / Saturday 8:00PM (Preview) Buy Tickets
  • March 20 , 2022 / Sunday 7:00PM (Preview) Buy Tickets
  • March 22 , 2022 / Tuesday 7:00PM (Preview) Buy Tickets
  • March 23 , 2022 / Wednesday 7:00PM (Preview) Buy Tickets

Within the lush decadence of an Imperial Palace, a young Queen and her trusted bodyguard yearn to see what’s beyond the heavily guarded gates. This action-packed adventure is filled with tension, thrills and fearless sword combat, as two women bravely fight for their own meaning of freedom, breaking through the walls—both real and artificial—that have kept them in this paradise for far too long.

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