Lana Dvorak, Jeanitta Perkins, Aaron Orion Baker and Charlie Barron. Photo by Eric Woolsey.

Lana Dvorak, Charlie Barron and Jeanitta Perkins. Photo by Eric Woolsey.

Charlie Barron and Jeanitta Perkins. Photo by Eric Woolsey.

Jeanitta Perkins, Aaron Orion Baker, Charlie Barron and Lana Dvorak. Photo by Eric Woolsey.

Charlie Barron, Aaron Orion Baker, Jeanitta Perkins and Lana Dvorak. Photo by Eric Woolsey.

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

Presented by The Imaginary Theatre Company

Touring: October 23, 2017 – April 8, 2018

Sensory Friendly Performances: 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. April 7. More info here.

by Sarah Brandt
Music and Lyrics by Stephen James Neale
Directed by Suki Peters

When the city mouse takes a trip to visit his country cousin, he finds her rustic ways less than appealing. Promising a wonderful new lifestyle, he invites her on a trip to his home in the city, but she finds much more than she bargained for in this unfamiliar place. Join ITC for a fun musical journey as two little mice learn about the differences in others and all the possibilities the world can bring.

Cast & Creative Staff


  • Aaron Orion Baker (Reginald)
  • Charlie Barron (Dutch, Spike, Mittens)
  • Lana Dvorak (Annabelle, Cosette)
  • Jeanitta Perkins (Billie)


  • Stephen James Neale (Musical Director)
  • Scott Loebl (Scenic Designer)
  • Garth Dunbar (Costume Designer)
  • J.M. Bock (Stage Manager)

Booking Information

For more information or to book the Imaginary Theatre Company, call (314) 968-7344 or e-mail the Education Department.


Touring (Same Day Bookings):

  • One performance starts at $375
  • Two services start at $675
  • Three services start at $1,010

Study guides are included in your cost and will be e-mailed to you prior to the first scheduled performance. An additional educational component at no extra cost is an optional 15-minute Q&A with the actors immediately following each performance.

Fees vary. Actual cost is determined by the distance to be traveled, if an overnight stay is required, the total number of days involved, and the various combinations of performances and workshops.

  • A service is defined as a performance or a workshop.
  • No workshop can be scheduled without a performance.
  • A three-performance day must be of the same play.
  • Services can be delivered in no more than two locations on any scheduled workday.

For statewide touring dates, the Missouri Arts Council (MAC) may grant awards to Missouri-based presenters. Grant requests must be submitted to MAC at least two months prior to the contracted performance date(s). For touring dates outside of Missouri, financial awards may be available through your state arts council.