Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Edward Amor

February 10 - March 11 , 1988

1987-1988 Mainstage Season

The Story

Politics, intrigue, murder, suicide—and some of the Bard’s greatest speeches. A play with special vitality and meaning in today’s intriguing world.

Creative & Production Staff

Scenic Designer: John Ezell
Costume Designer: Dorothy Marshall Englis [credited as "Dorothy L. Marshall"]
Lighting Designer: Max De Volder
Stage Manager: Glenn Dunn
Assistant Stage Manager: Patrick Siler


Dan Abdon (Caesar's Servant)
Jay Albright (Publius)
Devin Baker (Lucius)
Ross Bickell (Marcus Brutus)
Alan Clarey (Metellus Climber)
John Contini (Decius Brutus)
Jim Danek (Popilus Lena, Cinna a poet, Dardanius)
Paul Devine (Pindarus)
Al Fialka (Cinna)
Bruce Longworth (Octavius Caesar/Second Citizen)
John McCabe (Clitus/Servant to Octavius)
Robert McCabe (Aemilus Lepidus)
John Michalski (Ligarius)
Larry Michalson (Soothsayer)
Patrick Morgan (Antony's Servant)
Joe Palmieri (Casca)
James Paul (Julius Caesar)
Philip Pleasants (Cassius)
John Rensenhouse (Marcus Antonius)
John Ruprecht (Cicero)
Jeff Sams (Artemidorus)
Tim Snay (Trebonius)
Joan Ulmer (Calpurnia)
Lesley Vogel (Portia)

Romans, Guards, Soldiers: Trish Adair, Tim Barker, Mary Chaisson, Randy Donaldson

Sponsorship & Support

The set for this production was underwritten by a generous gift from an anonymous donor.

Lucius B. Morse IV Fund Guest Actor: Philip Pleasants